Big brand bags release limited edition for Chinese valentine’s day

Although it is still more than half a month away from Tanabata, many people can’t help it. Of course, many of the people I’m talking about, in addition to the couples who can’t wait to be loved by Xiu, there are also many fashion brands that have launched limited handbags with the theme of “Star Festival” one after another. Even after Yang’s cross-border filmmakers, she has become addicted to fashion designers.

At the Michael Kors event, Yang appeared with her own knife-operated Whitney handbag on her back. The bright red color was full of happiness. The star-studded rivets on her bag were definitely a bright spot, and were made up of pentagrams and love patterns. Legend has it that picking the stars for you is like this. Realized by Yang Mi?

To say collocation, Yang Mi himself made a demonstration. Black wave point dress is full of movement, but to say the degree of attention is still poor, so use red handbags to light the whole body, full of vitality come out ~the design of two straps is also very textural.

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