5 tips on selecting durable bags

One of the most important points to pay attention to when purchasing durable bags is the seam edge of the bags. The seam edges inside and outside the bags should be neat, solid and tight to be durable. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of a drop. Xiao Bian usually puts down his bag when he sees that there is a stitch on the side of the bag.

The inner part is often overlooked. If the inner part is made of nylon, the bag will be less durable because the nylon material is thinner and easier to break. Xiaobian recommends that you can choose the bag inside the cloth, not only the material is thicker and more difficult to wear, of course, the use of time will be extended.

Bags should be the most commonly used place is the zipper, when purchasing bags must first try its zipper is not easy to pull, many bags often because the zipper is broken, resulting in can not be used and must be discarded, so Xiaobian suggests that you choose a good durable bag, you can see the zipper bag, if not The feeling of Shun and Kaka put it down!

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