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How to clean your dirty bag more quickly

Speaking of purses, I believe most women are not strange, but many people will find a problem, that is, purses take a long time, in addition to wear and tear, purses will always fall stains, very difficult to clean up, or even clean up completely, can only be lost, but it is really a waste of ah, so today’s small Editorial University Take care of these three stains on your bag.

Speaking of oil stains on the purse, I believe women are not strange, will always inadvertently rub a little oil stains, look at the light than elsewhere is always so a piece, then how to clean it? We can wash directly with detergent, but we must brush lightly, do not destroy the surface of the cortex. However, if we encounter white packets, we must use bleach water and water for 1:10 fusion, and then clean up.

Ballpoint pen stains on the leather bag is the most difficult to clean, so at this time we can use toothpaste with a small amount of soap foam, gently wipe, if there are still traces, then we recommend that we use alcohol to clean the bag again, it can be very good to clean the ball pen stains on the top, very good, try not uncomfortable, ordinary people are I do not know!