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Three must-be-chosen bags that you should have

What is a bag? That is the “life” of a woman. A good bag can not only raise eyes, but also cure all diseases. The importance of bags do not need to make up to say everyone knows, especially the classic model, not only can be carried by oneself, but also has a high value of collection appreciation, then today the small edition will come to recommend a few classic bag! Absolutely can not buy a deficit can not buy the top!

As the most popular LV classic bag in the public, Neverfull has been trapped in many people’s income.

Neverfull, as its name implies, seems to really want to put all the emotions, desires, sexy, all of the women in it. Because of its light leather with foldable, easy to handle and many other advantages, it has become a necessary basic type of hand.

Someone once said that LV Neverfull is so big that it can hold two year old baby. The design is more fashionable and practical, multi-functional, both sides of the leather belt can be contracted back to the bag open elegant small mouth; inside the metal ring can easily hang up and buckle the wallet key, easy to take and not easy to lose; inside also with handwritten Louis Vuitton labeled brand name; bag edge and handle are used high-quality cowhide, through It is worn out.