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How to clean your dirty bag more quickly

Speaking of purses, I believe most women are not strange, but many people will find a problem, that is, purses take a long time, in addition to wear and tear, purses will always fall stains, very difficult to clean up, or even clean up completely, can only be lost, but it is really a waste of ah, so today’s small Editorial University Take care of these three stains on your bag.

Speaking of oil stains on the purse, I believe women are not strange, will always inadvertently rub a little oil stains, look at the light than elsewhere is always so a piece, then how to clean it? We can wash directly with detergent, but we must brush lightly, do not destroy the surface of the cortex. However, if we encounter white packets, we must use bleach water and water for 1:10 fusion, and then clean up.

Ballpoint pen stains on the leather bag is the most difficult to clean, so at this time we can use toothpaste with a small amount of soap foam, gently wipe, if there are still traces, then we recommend that we use alcohol to clean the bag again, it can be very good to clean the ball pen stains on the top, very good, try not uncomfortable, ordinary people are I do not know!

Pink bags for girls

If you want a fashionista to share her fashion styling tips, what single item can be seconds upgraded and easy swag, nine out of ten girls answer is a bag! Well, a word from Sister Pata can sum up: a fashionable bag is definitely your style of facade to shoulder.

Rest assured that love is like life, and all these diseases are true. Today, Sister Pata planted the most popular color and style of handbags in the season, which made you feel energetic all summer.

One of the most important things that summer bags can attract girls is color. The dull darkness has long been weary of them, and they can’t lift their spirits. The big names also realized this. This summer is full of maiden colors.

Louis Vuittion’s new New Wave collection features a rainbow logo on the handle. It’s so lively. Sister Pata likes the first one. She feels like it goes well with the tender pink color.

Big brand bags release limited edition for Chinese valentine’s day

Although it is still more than half a month away from Tanabata, many people can’t help it. Of course, many of the people I’m talking about, in addition to the couples who can’t wait to be loved by Xiu, there are also many fashion brands that have launched limited handbags with the theme of “Star Festival” one after another. Even after Yang’s cross-border filmmakers, she has become addicted to fashion designers.

At the Michael Kors event, Yang appeared with her own knife-operated Whitney handbag on her back. The bright red color was full of happiness. The star-studded rivets on her bag were definitely a bright spot, and were made up of pentagrams and love patterns. Legend has it that picking the stars for you is like this. Realized by Yang Mi?

To say collocation, Yang Mi himself made a demonstration. Black wave point dress is full of movement, but to say the degree of attention is still poor, so use red handbags to light the whole body, full of vitality come out ~the design of two straps is also very textural.

Luxury goods are so cheap in Turkey because of Lira’s crashing

The fall of lira has attracted many foreign tourists to Turkey for vacation and shopping. Turkish luxury sales are expected to break records as foreign tourists spend significantly more on shopping, especially luxury goods.

Foreign tourists queuing in front of luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes are expected to be the biggest winners in Istinye Park, Istanbul, Turkey.

The lira is currently trading at 1.0029 against the renminbi, the lowest at 1.4518 last month, and has risen about 45% in about a month, according to the lira and Renminbi exchange rates. That is to say, if it took about RMB 30,000 to buy a luxury bag last month, it would cost about RMB 20,000 this month. Coupled with pricing, tariffs and other factors, Turkey’s pre-tax price is almost half of the domestic commodities.

However, a buyer said that the current average line of luxury goods stores more than 2 hours, all the classics out of stock, the prices of stores have been raised, because of too sudden, price tags are directly affixed.

5 tips on selecting durable bags

One of the most important points to pay attention to when purchasing durable bags is the seam edge of the bags. The seam edges inside and outside the bags should be neat, solid and tight to be durable. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of a drop. Xiao Bian usually puts down his bag when he sees that there is a stitch on the side of the bag.

The inner part is often overlooked. If the inner part is made of nylon, the bag will be less durable because the nylon material is thinner and easier to break. Xiaobian recommends that you can choose the bag inside the cloth, not only the material is thicker and more difficult to wear, of course, the use of time will be extended.

Bags should be the most commonly used place is the zipper, when purchasing bags must first try its zipper is not easy to pull, many bags often because the zipper is broken, resulting in can not be used and must be discarded, so Xiaobian suggests that you choose a good durable bag, you can see the zipper bag, if not The feeling of Shun and Kaka put it down!

Three must-be-chosen bags that you should have

What is a bag? That is the “life” of a woman. A good bag can not only raise eyes, but also cure all diseases. The importance of bags do not need to make up to say everyone knows, especially the classic model, not only can be carried by oneself, but also has a high value of collection appreciation, then today the small edition will come to recommend a few classic bag! Absolutely can not buy a deficit can not buy the top!

As the most popular LV classic bag in the public, Neverfull has been trapped in many people’s income.

Neverfull, as its name implies, seems to really want to put all the emotions, desires, sexy, all of the women in it. Because of its light leather with foldable, easy to handle and many other advantages, it has become a necessary basic type of hand.

Someone once said that LV Neverfull is so big that it can hold two year old baby. The design is more fashionable and practical, multi-functional, both sides of the leather belt can be contracted back to the bag open elegant small mouth; inside the metal ring can easily hang up and buckle the wallet key, easy to take and not easy to lose; inside also with handwritten Louis Vuitton labeled brand name; bag edge and handle are used high-quality cowhide, through It is worn out.

How to deal with idle luxury bags at home?

Luxury bags are being updated so quickly that when top brands come out with new products, they are always attracted by the new style. But look at the luxury bags already bought? A person with both hands, also do not need so many types of bags, those out of favor bags backpack shopping opportunities are rare. How do we deal with these bags? Do you sell or dust at home? Xiaobian thinks that instead of putting such a famous brand bag at home, it is better to sell it. In this way, cash can be realized, or bags can be disposed of at home.

A luxury bag, from thousands of pieces to tens of thousands of pieces. Idle bags can not only bring happiness, but also keep devaluing. It is a pity that we have been holding it all the time. Why not transfer the idle luxury package to those who need it more?

In fact, second-hand luxury goods in Japan and other countries is not new, many people like luxury goods do not have to look at the price and sigh, with the original price of 50% discount or even lower prices, it is possible to buy 80% of new or even better luxury goods. Peacock Ling Wuhan Central Culture Zone store, to create Wuhan fashion circle gathering point, shape Wuhan luxury culture gathering place.

Tips on matching clothes and bags

White is the most holy color, personal feeling is also the best color to dress up, this color is more suitable for light color bags with it.

White casual packaging with light yellow bags, soft and harmonious colors; matched with lavender is also a successful combination, matched with light pink bags can give a gentle and elegant feeling.

Red 100 combination is bold, fashionable, appears warm and natural, in a strong contrast, the heavier the weight of white, the softer the feeling.

Blue clothes are the easiest to match all kinds of colors of bags, whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, are more easy to match, and blue has a good tightening effect, is the only choice for a maniac figure.

Blue jacket with red bag, can make people look charming and beautiful; with gray bag, slightly conservative combination, but the overall feeling is more lively (strongly recommended gray with fine lines, can very well add elegant temperament); with purple bag with a more subtle feeling; with white bag with less, Blue 100 with its own comparison If we add purple elements intentionally or unintentionally, it will add some mature urban flavor.